Thistle Do Nicely – Autumn 2010

20/10/2010 § 9 Comments

Here at one of the Scottish branches of the ‘Spill, a fair bit of action from local heroes is sent my way, so I thought it only fair to review and share the latest in new round-up type feature that’s unfortunately called Thistle Do Nicely. I should also say now that music does get sent to The ‘Spill for review, so if any ‘Spillers want the daunting prospect of wading through the world wide weirdness that comes in on a random basis, do let me know in the comments.

Anyhoo, let’s get cracking!

“Shambles Sails The Clockwork Sea” by Shambles Miller, 4 track CD EP.

The brilliantly named Shambles Miller has picked up the modern day protest song baton from the likes of Billy Bragg and run off with it into a dark of corner of Glasgow. A timely voice, considering everything that’s hitting the fan right now. The song “Strike” above, is earnest without being trite, not an easy trick to pull off considering the subject matter. The other three songs strum along, in a jaunty and jolly fashion, with Shambles rolling rs, telling stories, cracking jokes, and being filthy in parts. All in all, very listenable and charismatic, with a wee sad edge poking in and a little bit o politics too to keep things interesting.

Shambles website

“A Month Of Lost Memories” by I Build Collapsible Mountains, mini album (only 50 CD copies made on Peenko Records)

Now, what with computers and everything, it’s become cheap and relatively easy to knock up a symphony in your bedroom & get it out there on the net, and has let to the rise of a genre that I’m now christening “Minumental” – and I think IBCM fits into this. “Rails” above is personal, emotive headphones music and the sparse instrumentation gives it a good dynamic feel – I’m always a sucker for a bit of xylophone, y’know.

ICBM website

There was something else I meant to post, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. Oh well.



§ 9 Responses to Thistle Do Nicely – Autumn 2010

  • treefrogdemon says:

    Really? We get sent music to review? That’s wonderful.

    I will give it my attention when I’m not so tired – I’ve just been driving for 5 hours, back from a conference in Bromsgrove.

  • bishbosh says:

    Well, for starters, wonderful artwork for both (not to mention the cow!). When it started, the earnestness of the Shambles track made me wince slightly, but I was won over by the time it ended. Consider this potential ramble-member roused! As for the IBCM, lovely, tender, fragile stuff. Oh, and both of the singers have voices that hit me right where it hurts – in the best possible way.

    Would be well up for reviewing stuff at some point (maybe with a little more attentive thought given than in the above rushing-off-to-work comment!).

  • barbryn says:

    Thumbs up from me too – pretty much what bishbosh said. Good to hear a real protest singer (who doesn’t make you cringe) and yes, donds all the way for xylophones.

  • Alimunday says:

    This looks really interesting, I’ll have a look at the weekend! Thanks Blimpy.

  • DarceysDad says:

    I wish I could be disciplined and articulate enough to review stuff, but you lot know how badly I ramble and over-enthuse, and I know how poor my deadline-hitting is, so I fear it would be a recipe for disaster!

    I’ve just ordered the IBCM CD though!

  • ejaydee says:

    Really liking IBCM. You’ve been on top blogging form lately Blimpy! Hopw are things going with ‘SpillHarmonic? DO you need any help putting records in sleeves or something?

    • Blimpy says:

      Hi Ejaydee- I’ve recorded a couple of folk specially to be on the CD, and am still rounding up other tracks for it, along with those already agreed to feature. Watch this space!!

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