New Broken Records

20/10/2010 § 2 Comments

This is the lead off track for Broken Record’s second album, out on 4AD on Monday. I’ve been following the Edinburgh band since their first 7″s, even did camera on their first video (hidden after the jump) and was slightly let down by their first album (too high expectations) and judging by this track they’re not afraid to have a bash at Arcade Fire scale epic.




§ 2 Responses to New Broken Records

  • Steenbeck says:

    I remember that camera work!

    Liked the song. It reminded me of Mumford and Son. Right? And I can hear the Arcade Fire thing, too, but I feel like I hear that all the time these days, even in advertisements and the like. So maybe I’m imagining it.

  • bishbosh says:

    I like it too. Bit more slick and stadium-y than I was expecting (although seeing as I’d never heard anything by them before, I had no right to any expectations – just preconceptions based on the 4AD tag really!). Anyway, stirring (and catchy) stuff. Thanks for the intro, Blimpy. And nice camera work! Very impressed.

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