The Secret Is Out The Bunker

14/07/2010 § 46 Comments

I’d like to introduce you to Kit Broughton!

He’s 6lbs 12oz, a lovely wee boy, he has – as yet – made no comment on what kind of music he likes. But considering he came very very close to being called Indy, I think things will pan out okay music taste wise.

Here’s two great and vaguely apt Scottish Indie Rock tunes for you. “Son Of A Gun” by The Vaselines, and then “New Dawn” by Withered Hand.




§ 46 Responses to The Secret Is Out The Bunker

  • DarceysDad says:

    Congrats to you all.

    I shall go and open a bottle immediately . . .

  • alimunday says:

    Absolutely fabulous!!! Welcome wee Kit, great name too, so nice to have some good news and lovely photographs. All best wishes to all of you and very well done Mrs Blimpy.

  • treefrogdemon says:

    He’s lovely, Blimpy – long may he ‘Spill!

  • makinavaja says:

    Great news. Congratulations to you all. Welcome Kit, love your name!

  • CaroleBristol says:

    Great news, congrats to you anr Mrs McFlah, Blimpy.

    Lovely piccies.

    Presumably a jangly guitar pop version of Happy Birthday will emerge from Chez Blimpy in 12 months time?

  • CaroleBristol says:

    Bah! Why can’t we edit our comments for spelling mistakes?

  • Shoegazer says:

    Congrats to all. Indiana McFlah, does have a certain …Nah, Kit’s much better.

    Bastille Day! So no excuse to forget his Birthday (has saved me from forgetting my Wedding Anniversary).

  • Mnemonic says:

    Congratulations to the Blimpys. He’s a beautiful boy!

  • bishbosh says:

    What a beautiful boy. Congrats to you all. (And yes, very good choice of name!)

  • Glasshalfempty says:

    Congratulations to you both (now to shake off that ghastly sir cliff earworm…)

  • TatankaYotanka says:

    Born playing air sitar or is that double bass… brilliant 🙂

    All the best to Flahmilly. xx

  • Blimpy says:

    Thanks guys, for all your lovely words. I’m so over the moon right now! (And aptly listening to “Higher Than The Sun” by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)

    I’m really glad you like the name, that has taken about 7 months of serious debate (i think there was a ‘spill post way back, wasn;t there?) to get there. Brodie seems to be the only one who wasn’t keen on it (he cried, i think he really wanted Kit to be called R2D2), but he’s six, and is coming round to it.

    I think this is a suitable time for this clip: “My Boys” by Taken By Trees

  • williamsbach says:

    Way to go, McFlahs! Was just wondering what to do with the bottle of bubbles hiding in the back of the fridge. Here’s to Kit and family – cheers!

  • saneshane says:

    How fantastic and Kit is a great name.

    (my Ms. is in a lull stage at 6 months.. wanting it to hurry up now!)

    such beautiful pictures – shall toast your family McFlah health immediately.

    • Blimpy says:

      hey shane, wow that was a long 9 months for us (felt like 19 months…or more) – so glad it’s onto the next stage! Cheers!

      • saneshane says:

        It really is more trying second time round I think… I can cope, but I don’t have to do anything except avoid those egg shells I keep treading on! It didn’t help the excessive sickness this time.

        But it will be great once little bundle of indie tunes turns up… I’m SO pleased for you.. you all look wonderfully happy.

      • saneshane says:

        ..and a happy anniversary to the shoeys.

  • debby(m) says:

    You’re lovely! You’re all lovely. Kit R2D2 McFlah-Broughton – just lovely. Well done, and welcome!

  • DaddyPig says:

    Hooray ! Congratulations to all (and Happy Anniversary to shoey & mrs s).

  • ToffeeBoy says:

    There’s only one word for that – magnificent!

  • Shoegazer says:

    Cheers, folks. It’s China supposedly so we had take-out.

    Ooh, that was nearly a threadjack. One Day Blimpy, one day… But not today.

  • ejaydee says:

    Wow, he looks so cute, and born on such a momentous day! Many many congratulatins and donds to the beautiful McFlah crew.
    Oh and Kit is just about the coolest name. Now tell the truth, aren’t you tempted to spell it K.I.T.T.?… The Hallowe’en costumes are making themselves!!

  • nilpferd says:

    Great news Blimpy, congratulations! Music wise don’t be too disappointed if he turns out to be a jazz head, he appears to be air-double-bass-ing in the top photo.
    Probably digging some Mingus.

  • nilpferd says:


  • tincanman says:

    Never mind the kid – isn’t the more obvious question How did you ever pull such a pretty bird?

    • Blimpy says:

      You know that bit in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure where they woo the medieval princesses by quoting some Poison lyrics?

  • Abahachi says:


  • Exodus says:

    Welcome to the planet, Kit

  • steenbeck says:

    Congratulations beautiful family!! And a big hug for Brodie, and a message from Malcolm (who had a birthday yesterday) – it feels strange at first, but having a little brother is what it’s all about!

  • treefrogdemon says:

    Ivan would say the same I’m sure, Blimpy. He wasn’t sure about his little brother at all to start with but now thinks it’s great to have someone he can blame…

  • gordonimmel says:

    Congrats and ‘aaaaahhs!’ from Schloss Immel.

    I love Tatanka Yotanka’s spot that he’s already playing air guitar.

    Dare I suggest that he’s playing along to ‘Bastille Day’ by Rush?

    What? You don’t have that in your collection………?

  • panthersan says:

    Big big congrats from the both of us Blimpy!! I’m sure he’ll be a chip off the old block!

    (Hope this works = am on dodgy internet connection in a Malmo hotel)

  • satankidnehpie says:

    Congrats to you all, and great choice of name! Hope the sleepless nights are few and far between…

  • RockingMitch says:

    Many many many congrats from me. (Hope you’ve got his name down for Eton!)

  • barbryn says:

    Belated congrats to the McFlahs from me. (Also approving of the name, especially if you call the next one Caboodle).

  • Sonowebcore says:

    I rarely view the ‘Spill, but today I did and your baby is beautiful. I like ‘Kit’ too.

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