K is for King Creosote

03/05/2010 § 20 Comments

I think I may have mentioned King Creosote more than a few times on The ‘Spill. Fife based purveyor of bittersweet lovelorn folk with a sing-the-phonebook voice & DIY ethic, he has recorded over 50 albums and shows no sign of diminishing returns. The K slot was always going to belong to him, so here it is! After the jump there’s a bio, and just here are a couple of tunes you may like.

Please swing by the Fence Records website and buy his stuff.

(from the Fence website:)

In 1995 Kenny Anderson, then lead singer/songwriter for the scottish bands skuobhie dubh orchestra and khartoum heroes, launched his own label fence with his own solo project king creosote. With a healthy cynicism of all things music industry related, kc set out to make home recorded music in as stress-free an environment as possible, and hunkered down in n.e. fife for the long haul.

With a few cdr titles released thru’ local shops, and with brothers een (pip dylan) and gordon (lone pigeon) forming the beginnings of a fence collective, by summer 2000 fence had taken over the running of a st.andrews cd shop, had an extensive website up and running, and were packing out the local pubs once a fortnight. collective member james yorkston made sure that the fence music came to the attention of labels like bad jazz and domino, and the legendary fence gatherings were soon on the move.

independent stores such as rough trade in london, avalanche in edinburgh, monorail in glasgow, and norman records in leeds were all pushing the fence collective cdr titles when in 2003 domino helped launch king creosote’s first album proper “kenny and beth’s musakal boatrides”, which made no. 5 in rough trade’s top 100 albums of that year. in the spring of 2005 kc put out a second album for domino, the self-produced “rocket d.i.y.”, and then went off to collaborate with the earlies from burnley, lancashire, supposedly to record an ep for names/679. it all gets a bit confusing from here. the resulting album “kc rules ok” released in 2005 caught everyone by surprise, but didn’t contain enough singles, and so certain tracks were re-recorded using the all-new kc band, and “kc rules ok” was re-released in summer 2006 with an invisible companion album “chorlton and the wh’earlies” (the original album working title, as it happens) which contained the original non-single recordings as well as some of the failed single edits and remixes, and all this sort of re-packaged with new sleeve notes, thus giving “kc rules ok” a further lifespan of 3 years? the most singley single recorded in january 2006, “you’ve no clue do you”, was considered too something or other, but on listening again it became the obvious lead single for the hastily recorded “bombshell” in 2007, as produced by jon hopkins.

things were much simpler when in 2008 kc recorded “flick the Vs” on the sly and handed it over to domino. one year on, and “flick the Vs” remains remarkably unaltered. in 2009 king creosote has recorded with the burns unit, reporter, jon hopkins and animal magic tricks.



§ 20 Responses to K is for King Creosote

  • panthersan says:

    FIFTY albums??!! Five – oh?? I’ve definitely got some catching up to do!

  • Blimpy says:

    he he he – most of ’em are impossible to get hold of, even the King doesn’t have them all! And his most recent album, well, he’s refusing to record it himself – if you want a copy you have to go to a gig with your own taping device!

  • garethim says:

    I saw him at The Slaughtered Lamb last month. Withered Hand was the support. That was a good night.
    WH was there with his wife/fiancee and a few friends. He went to the bar and on his way back, he slipped his arm around her and his hand to the back pocket of her jeans. Then his w/f turned around and he realised he’d got the wrong woman in the dark…
    Don’t suppose you’ve got a copy of KC’s version of Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice, Blimpy?

  • claire says:


  • Blimpy says:

    @gareth – oopy!

    I’m seeing WH & KC again very soon, did they duet on anything?

    Cod Liver!

  • garethim says:

    Blimpy, you’re a star.
    They did towards the end, but as I was quite drunk by that point, I can’t remember exactly what. WH started with Cornflake, and he got the second biggest laugh of the night for the lines about “I’d do anything to get my dick inside her/But that’s not what she wants to hear me say”. The biggest laugh was for KC singing La De Da, which is a shoo-in for the week Paul picks songs about gentials.

  • Blimpy says:

    Do you have a copy of La De Da De Dum (sheer filth!)

  • garethim says:

    I don’t – do you? It appears on the tracklisting for the Rob Da Bank Fence Collective show last year, so it should be possible to track down.

  • Blimpy says:

    the whole show can be downloaded here but it’s a big file 160 meg or so

  • saneshane says:

    I wanna go to the away game on the island.

    and I want to see KC and withered hand – if you could twist their arm to come down here, I’d be most happy.

  • Blimpy says:

    has away game been announced??!!!

  • Blimpy says:

    wow it has too, and i checked fence this morning too!!

  • Blimpy says:


  • Anonymous says:

    yep on Eigg.. we’ve had to cancel camping trips and festivals this year – can’t even make it to my friends wedding – (by a castle somewhere outside of Hamburg -logistics – boo hoo).

    but it looks just ace.

    any other year and we would have jumped at the chance.

    we took Z-boy to his first festival at 5 months old and last years Latitude he had a whale of a time – and a personal wheelbarrow to fall asleep in when it all god too much.

  • shane says:

    that’s me.

  • b-mac says:

    “personal wheelbarrow” – i think we all need one of those from time to time!!!

  • shane says:

    the wheelbarrow manufacturer was ‘Chillington’ too.
    how ace is that?

  • Anonymous says:

    I think I need to move to Fife!

    • Anonymous says:

      From Hamburg…. Why doesn’t it know me any more?

      • saneshane says:

        almost everyone has been been anonymous today:

        at the top click on links
        go to wordpress.com
        and login again.

        I couldn’t get in my own place earlier – when reality and cyberworld collide my head implodes.

        (I did once write a graphic novel were Shane – a graffiti artist – loses his mind, doesn’t know if he’s shane the cowboy – or in a dream – or drawing a graphic novel – and once he escaped after the 3 stories he ended exactly were he began… it took in BEES (mini cameras that buzzed after you filming everything) – the millennium (such a future concept in 91)
        eco riots – and a vast amount of drugs – and used my photos of the Berlin wall being breached – in a tale of paranoia and suffering in the dark shadow of nutty right wing arse holes… Vote for Deranged..Vote for Deranged.. Vote for Deranged………………………………………………………………………………………………….it is all a bad nightmare isn’t it?
        I will at any moment wake up youthful and vibrant again.. after a particularly bad session – yes………………….NO)

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