I do like you today

28/04/2010 § 11 Comments

Sometimes a bit of breezy, perky, happy pop music (from Glasgow) is just the ticket – especially one that doesn’t rely on lesbian prison sex in order to shift units (yes Lady GaGa, I’m pointing the finger at you)

Pearl & The Puppets website is here if you want  a free mp3



§ 11 Responses to I do like you today

  • claire says:

    That was a sweet song. I like the video. It reminded me of…well…this movie I made, which was all about the female gaze & female desire.

  • saneshane says:

    I like the video too… (but she’s never taken a photograph with that camera in her life and she’s no horticulturist… these things bug me okay. I can’t help it.. I have issues.. sorry!)

    i wanna see your film claire.
    (I like female gaze & female desire- hypothetically *sigh*)

  • b-mac says:

    I was quite disappointed with the carelessness of her plant watering too!

    I also want to see the steengaze film!!

  • debby(m) says:

    This is not available in my country 😦 Not that it’s even ‘my’ country, it’s just where I happen to be.
    So I suppose I’ll just have to go and carelessly water some flowers while gazing in that female way I do…

  • debby(m) says:

    P.S. Steenfilm – another YEA!

  • claire says:

    It’s not as sexy as it sounds!

    Here are some scenes (it’s 90 minutes, shot on 16mm). I’d like to re-edit in final cut and transfer it to DVD some day.

    I think I might have posted this on the ‘Spill a couple years (!) ago, so you’ve possibly already seen it.

    If google is plastering ads all over it, why am I not getting any MONEY!!??

    • saneshane says:

      I do remember watching the scenes – has it been that long already? – will be fascinating when you re -edit and get us all sat down together to watch the whole of it…

      I had forgotten how big a smile – ‘critic’ – brings to my face.

      but you’ve been slack (or working, I know) you need to get the camera out again.

      (glad to see in ‘persistence of vision’ that your actress could convincingly use a camera)

      cheers for that – (I love having moved into the country – but I miss being around my creative friends to bounce ideas off)

    • saneshane says:

      and the AD thing… this video showed me ads for Pearl Jam tickets… that’s dumb ad work!

      • claire says:

        Thanks, Shane. I”m working on a feature to be shot here. I have the story, some locations, some characters. I’ve been slack about writing, and I feel bad about that. I think about it a lot. It needs to be shot in the summer, I think (There’s a graffiti theme). I’ve decided to give myself a year and I want to spend this year working on a feasible career for myself that’s non-waitressing. I’m hoping for childrens’ book writing/illustrating. I need to focus.

        woho hoooooo, sorry to threadjack with my own self-promotion and huge worries!!! DONE NOW!

  • CaroleBristol says:

    It is a nice wee tune.

  • makinavaja says:

    Great. Lightweight and fun – and absolutely nothing wrong with that. Really enjoyed it. Thanks, Blimpy!

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