You've No Clue, Do You?

17/04/2010 § 3 Comments

for balance, KC can take it as well as give it out:

He admits to being “the worst”, and it must be the only song with the couplet “some village bike you turned out to be, cycled off no brakes for me”!



§ 3 Responses to You've No Clue, Do You?

  • PantherSan says:

    Liked these tunes too. Time to increase my KC collection methinks. What’s next best after KC Rules OK?? Ohh….I think I’ll have a listen to that LP RIGHT NOW….!!

  • Blimpy says:

    Oooooh gosh, that’s a tricky one. I’d go for “Bombshell” for a bit more rockiness, but if you want to go a bit more lo-fi then you need to head back to “Rocket DIY”. His new record has some of his best songs on it too “Flick The Vs” and is a bit more experimental than Bombshell. He has about 80 other records but they’re hard to get hold of; KC Rules Ok was a kind of greatest hits, then Bombshell was half stuff that didn’t get on KC Rules.

    Really, there’s no such thing as a bad KC record!

  • PantherSan says:

    cheers Blimpy. I’ll keep ’em peeled for what I can find….

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