"I Am The Resurrection" Resurrected

03/04/2010 § 6 Comments

Bizarrely I heard this in the kids clothing shop I popped into today; I like the rockabilly vibe to it. Folks don’t often tackle the Stone Roses for a cover version, do they? This cover is from Codeine Velvet Club, and is a free download from NME.com here -what do you think of it?



§ 6 Responses to "I Am The Resurrection" Resurrected

  • Very nice indeed. Will download and give a few more listens. Am I right in thinking that Codeine Velvet Club are an offshoot of someone else?

  • Blimpy says:

    You are indeed right!

  • Anonymous says:

    A Spotify ad told me to listen to this a few weeks ago. It’s good, particularly since The Stone Roses are one of those bands who should really never be covered.

    I also thought The Fratellis had some great singles, though never felt moved to investigate further – should I, o fount of all Scottish indie knowledge?

  • barbryn, not Anonymous says:

    Seems WordPress doesn’t know who I am.

  • Blimpy says:

    In a word: “no”. There’s a thousand other Scottish indie bands to listen to before you have to reach for a fratellis cd, i think.

  • barbryn says:

    Thanks – kind of suspected that. Still loved “Henrietta” though.

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