b is for ballboy

26/03/2010 § 27 Comments

I was thinking about good first lines, and went to find some ballboy on YouTube, realising I hadn’t seen the video for “I Hate Scotland” before, and got utter goosebumps – so that makes b be ballboy…

ballboy have kindly put up the mp3 of the song too, for free download.

their website is well worth a visit



§ 27 Responses to b is for ballboy

  • satankidneypie says:

    Blimpy, you’re a nice guy and I don’t want to have cross words in our nice new home, but Ballboy!! Come on! What about The Beta Band??????????? They’re Scottish. And indie. And fucking awesome.

    (I do like this track, though… It’s definitely Scottish)

  • Blimpy says:

    @skp – yeah but i didn’t listen to the beta band this morning, i listened to ballboy šŸ˜‰

    you’ll just have to wait for the second a-z i have planned (coming circa 2021)

    the new steve mason stuff’s good innit?

  • Blimpy says:

    Funny isn’t it, that when he plays the cd – IT COMES ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG!!!

  • satankidneypie says:

    Are you spying on me? I think you wrote that comment before I just posted the video…. spooky.

    although not entirely unpredictable

  • satankidneypie says:

    You can still redeem yourself by allocating “T” to The Beta Band.

  • Blimpy says:

    I’m going to use greek letters to make amends

  • saneshane says:

    “the last time i saw you you were lying in a bush with a bag of glue”

    possible got nommed last night in my bored outpourings on RR…

    I’m happy with Ballboy but BMX Bandits… and the newish fav of mine Butcher Boy?

  • saneshane says:

    oh and that ballboy video is ace..

    ..as I’ve just finished digging a huge hole for the trampoline my folks got z-boy on Tuesday.. it made me all sensitive like..

  • Blimpy says:

    @shane – why are you burying the trampoline? is it to make the lawn more bouncy? šŸ™‚

  • Blimpy says:

    @shane – i do like BMX Bandits too

  • Blimpy says:

    like this one:

  • saneshane says:

    the trampoline is now flush with the ground – it gives you a really weird feeling – as though the ground has got mega bouncy (I’m thinking of growing moss over it too)- its also easier to fall from – big nets give a false sense of safety.. learn to fall early and you’re set up for life (as Ballboy don’t actually say!)

    ….could be a Scottish pop day…

  • saneshane says:

    that answer was basically yes – to make the lawn mega bouncy!

    I need more TEA.. whose putting on the kettle?

  • Blimpy says:

    my head still hurts and i’m tired

  • saneshane says:

    Blimpy – if your about..
    how do you add another tab at the top – with ‘home’ and ‘about’ I’ve forgotten (i did it easily on harmonic)

    can you add one for ‘RR playlists’ so I can listen through them easier each week – ta boss.

  • saneshane says:

    how many hours in the pub eh?.. bet the sensitive pregnant ms. loved you!

    (I’ll put the kettle on then)

  • Blimpy says:

    I’ll add a category for rr playlists. i was in the pub for about 6 hours, but didn’t even wake her up when i got home!

  • satankidneypie says:


  • Blimpy says:

    Bouncy Lawn Of Death? – yeah, I used to like ’em – but then they went all mainstream innit….

  • saneshane says:

    Bouncy Lawn Of Death – I knew them when they were the lowest of the low … now they’re at the top of their game they’ve no time for the likes of me:

    may be some picture satanKP:
    (I have to add moss and more turf (lawn is pushing it some what) and then it’ll be disguised.

    now I need preview to see if this works.. oh well..




  • saneshane says:

    those springs in ‘lawn’ picture.. tough as you like.
    thought I’d done the hard bit digging an 8′ hole.. but getting those on..

    green surround would have been easier but freegle/e-bay don’t give you much choice.

    gotta build some straw bale workshops – then it’s all round to mine for the world cup!

  • satankidneypie says:

    That is frickin’ awesome, Shane. You missed a trick by putting it so far away from the greenhouse, but otherwise it rocks the most!

  • DarceysDad says:


    My awe-struck respect for your labours, Shane. I’m wondering whether to do the same with the girls’ trampoline now, as the lawn underneath is dying anyway and I hate the net/cage thingy, but knowing me I’ll use the likely root spread of the sycamore trees as an excuse not to.

  • saneshane says:

    it’s cool.. but there isn’t enough beer in the world to stop the aching ….

    (that’s not encouraging is it?)

    do it .. I really can’t explain the weird feeling of bouncing on it, because Brain says HARD ground SOLID earth.. then you spring into the ground and up again.. kids laugh, adults freak. When I get moss and creeping plants on it too, the ugliness of these fantastic toys with exercise gets hidden. (you must be able to borrow a mini digger – adapt elaborate training plan – that’s the way forward I say!)

  • Blimpy says:

    @shane – i’m mighty impressed!

  • saneshane says:

    it’s smart – the z-boys face this morning was great.

    unfortunately opening even a drawer is agony today..

    oh well – onto the straw bale build next!
    “Nilpferd, you ever designed a bale house?”

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