New Fannies!

23/03/2010 § 23 Comments

Teenage Fanclub are back, after what seems like eternity, such a long time that it feels weird that they even have a website. I feel weird looking at their website, but I don’t however feel weird listening to their music.
The preview track from their new LP is called“Baby Lee”
I love Teenage Fanclub and have loved them since I was wee.
If you want to know more about the new record and the tour you could go to their website by clicking here
I’m sure there’s lots of Fannie fans amongst us ‘Spillers, so let’s try the impossible and pick our favourite song by them please, in the comments!



§ 23 Responses to New Fannies!

  • DarceysDad says:

    I don't know why I haven't, but the fact remains I've never been completely hooked by TF. I think I have Howdy! and one other LP, but both on cassette from bargain bins. I most definitely do though have a favourite song by them: the criminally short (2m04s) Christmas Eve, which I have on the Xfm Cool Cool Christmas compilation. But you know what? They might just be the band I need for this evening's tech session … I wonder how much is on Spotify? Cheerrs, Blimpy.

  • Blimpy says:

    Darce – if they have their Grand Prix LP on Spotty tis a very good place to start!

  • I shall admit to never having knowingly heard them.

  • Hot posh totty Sophie Dahl is on my tellybox, cooking to the strains of Feist and The Smiths – it's as if the world is conspiring to get me to cook!!

  • "On my third martini, i'm under the table. On my fourth martini, i'm under the host" say Sophie Dahl Dinner at mine Soph?

  • Blimpy says:

    Is their song Verisimilitude the only one to use the word?

  • DarceysDad says:

    I've found Grand Prix on Spotify, but had to look. It's not listed as Teenage Fanclub; the artist is credited as … well, look for yourselves: I wonder what that accidental (Freudian slip) double R in my earlier comment means? Affected Scots burr, or some sort of indicator of my mothership state of mind?!?!?!

  • Blimpy says:

    the double whammy of "sparky's dream" and "mellow doubt" next to each other is ace

  • ToffeeBoy says:

    Howdy blimpy! Let me offer you some words of wisdom and hope. Like many of us I had a catholic education up until the age of thirteen. Not sure how I can shoehorn in The King, Grand Prix and Man-Made but I'll definitely join you on the Teenage Fanclub bandwagon(esque) up there in Northern Britain!I have to say that I wasn't wee when I discovered Norman and his happy band of indie popsters but I can cleaerly remember being blown away when I first heard Grand Prix. My favourite TF song is a toughy so in true steenbeck let's ignore the rules fashion (only joking steen!) I give you, the ToffeeBoy Teenage Fanclub Top 5:1. Sparky's Dream2. I Don't Want Control Of You3. Power Of Your Tenderness (with Jad Fair)4. Ain't That Enough5. Star SignSparky's Dream was made to be played loud outdoors – it's a staple on my school summer fair playlist.

  • ToffeeBoy says:

    'cleaerly' is of course the Old Scots spelling of 'clearly' …

  • bishbosh says:

    Good game, good game. For me, it's between "Sparky's Dream" and "Ain't That Enough". Oh, and "Star Sign". And maybe "Planets"…Good to hear they're still about/back.

  • That Sophie Dahl programme was so annoying I switched over so as not to throw things as the telly.

  • Blimpy says:

    She's no Nigella, this is true

  • steenbeck says:

    Toffee – OuchI hate to say it, but when I hear "Baby Lee" I think of this…thisAnd It's really hard to get past John Lee Hooker.

  • Shoegazer says:

    Bit like the Manics in feeling that should be liking them more than actually do. They do great covers (again like the Manics) "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" etc. "It's all in my mind" was a good original.

  • TonNL says:

    1. Your love is the place where I com from2. Sparky's Dream3. The Concept4. I don't want control of you5. Jesus Christ (Big Star cover)

  • mnemonic says:

    Sophie Dahl is plagiarising Dorothy Parker with that martini comment.I don't know whether I've ever heard Teenage Fanclub.

  • Fintan28 says:

    TF is new to me but I'm fond of a good hook. Made me want to try some more.

  • barbryn says:

    "Bandwagonesque" was probably the first "cool" record (cassette) I ever bought (depending on whether you classify the Inspiral Carpets as cool) and I loved it to bits, but haven't really kept up with the Fannies, though it's impossible to dislike what I've heard. So my top five would probably be:1. The Concept2. Star Sign3. December4. Everything Flows5. Guiding StarThe cassette broke a few years ago, but I had a listen on Spotify recently, and it still sounded great.

  • ejay says:

    My favourite song by them is the only one I know, Fallin', courtesy of you Blimpster!

  • Mark68 says:

    Sparky's Dream. Or maybe Ain't That Enough. Or Star Sign. God, I love TFC. I was really disappointed with Man-Made though, so I hope this album's better. Baby Lee sounds promising.

  • Arriving late as usual, and commenting for the first time in about a year or so – reminded by Blimpy’s “housemoving” note. Had a quick look through the posts and settled on this one as a longtime TFC fan. If I have to nominate a single song that I love above any other, it would be “Speed of Light” from “Songs from Northern Britain”. I don’t know if it’s on Spotify or even YouTube, but it may convince any doubters of the brilliance of the Fannies.

    They appear to be touring soon – bought tickets to see them at the Picturehouse in Edinburgh on 3rd June. It’ll be the first time we’ve seen them since the night Princess Di died – we walked out of an appallingly bad gig at the Jaffa Club in Edinburgh (not TFC’s fault – the PA was beyond crap, the beer expensive and watered, the stage low and the atmosphere fetid – we cut our losses). Did see Norman jamming with Yo La Tengo the other month, though.

  • Blimpy says:

    hi 2jokers – good to hear from you again! man i remember the jaffa in e’burgh – seems like a long long time ago….

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